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Sharan Forest is a wonderful and immaculate forest located in KPK, Pakistan. The forest is thick with substantial vegetation. It is for the time being for the most part non-business, subsequently clean with less inundation of travelers. The forest is contiguous Manshi Top, which again is a rich green level.

I went to Sharan Forest for the weekend in the late summer so the weather wasn’t extremely cold or warm. 

My friends and I departed in the morning and reached our camping pods by the evening. We spent the whole day exploring the forest and spent the night singing and dancing around the campfire.


The next morning we headed out for our hike to Manshi Top. It was a long and tiring hike, but the view at the top was worth it. We lay on the grass, soaking in the winter sun and sipping our tea.

After resting for a while we then started hiking back down. We reached back in a few hours after which we took a nap to recover from the tiresome hike. Later at night, my friends and I watched a horror movie underneath the stars cuddled up in our blankets. 

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